About the NORF

What is Open Research?

Open Research is research conducted in such a way as to make public the workings, methods, any resulting data and the finished publications, entirely accessible to all, at the point of use, except for certain limitations which concern intellectual property and privacy.  Most of the conversation around open research is about open access – to research papers and to supporting data.  But, there are also other aspects to scholarly communication such as post-publication peer-review, open peer-review, open source software and the concept of citizen science, where the wider public engage directly in research.

The term ‘Open Research’ describes the way the research process is being transformed by rapid advancements in digital technology.  It facilitates new forms of collaboration – as evidenced by the increasing number of co-authored articles, new online publication formats, the wide range of online research tools, the emergence of new open access journals and the calls for new, alternative measurements of impact. 

The National Open Research Forum

The National Open Research Forum (NORF) has been established to deliver an Irish agenda for open research. This Forum is co-chaired by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) and the Health Research Board (HRB) with secretariat from the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI). It has encompassed and broadened the membership of a previous National Open Access committee combining the expertise of representatives from policy, research funding, research performing, library sector and other key stakeholders in the research system across Ireland. Individual Working groups are addressing key areas of open access publications, open research data, infrastructure, and human resources that are needed to deliver for Ireland.